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Live Actors and Fake Paparazzi 

Themed Party Actors

Book our event Paparazzi photographers for comic themed entertainment, great for your Red Carpet theme party. Not only providing classic paparazzi costumes, these photographers with a great sense of humour have a large variety of themes, including Classic Hollywood, detectives, aristocratic gentlemen, 60s theme, Arctic explorers, World War II pilots, Hawaiian party guys, pirates, Jedi and more. 

Choose from male or female paparazzi - or a combination - and have them swamp your red carpet corporate event, or Gatsby wedding just like the Oscars. Guests will be surprised at this novel take on the humble event photographer and enjoy the fun, celebrity nature of your party. All of the photos taken can be made available for download from our website the day after your party, meaning you can smother social media almost straight away. 

Thanks to the huge number of themes available from these paps, you can be sure that they’ve got something to suit your event, whatever it may be! The most common and popular is, of course, the Hollywood theme celebrity party, brilliant for an Oscars night. 

But the real advantage here is being able to have event photographers who can suit your themed event. It’s a shame to go to the effort to throw a themed party and have event photographers in T-shirts and jeans, but that worry is now a thing of the past with themed paparazzi! Their wardrobe is extensive so you can relax knowing they’ll turn up in all of their themed finery. The only think you’ll have to explain to your guests is why guests at your Renaissance party have digital SLRs!

To book the themed paparazzi, contact our dedicated entertainment coordinator today!

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